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The series 6500 Breakaway Bottom Door Panel is the patented Super Seal solution for overhead doors where the bottom panel suffers abuse from accidental impact. Designed to replace any width overhead door panel, the 6500 Breakaway Door Panel can sustain very high impact without damaging the panel or overhead door track. The Breakaway Door Panel preserves the overhead door structure by flexing under minimal impact and by breaking away under severe impact. Its durable materials and excellent design make the 6500 Breakaway Door Panel service free. Available in two models, the series 6501 accommodates panels up to 1 ¾” thick, and the series 6502 accommodating panels thicker than 1 ¾”.The series 6500 Breakaway Bottom Door Panel consists of a two part, fully gasketed assembly: a fixed aluminium frame and a flexible swing panel. The welded tubular aluminium frame surrounds the flexible swing panel on three sides. Existing overhead door hinges and bottom guide rollers are permanently attached to the frame.
This Bidirectional Impact Resistant Panel Fits All Overhead Doors.   English Brochure View Video  
The flexible insulated 1 ¾ “thick swing panel is made of a pliable internal framework with foam
inserts between the structural members. The heavy duty PVC abrasion resistant “Flexituff” cover
fabric is bonded over the swing panel frame, which encloses the entire unit and increases its
durability. The combination of framework, foam, and fabric cover provides the resilient flexibility
of the panel. The cover fabric created the flexible pivot hinge, facilitating the Breakaway action.

Retainers on the fixed aluminium frame hold the swing panel in place. When a directional force is applied to the Breakaway Panel, the pliable frame portion begins to flex. Once a certain degree of pressure has been applied, the swing panel breaks away from the retainers, leaving the fixed aluminium frame, trolley wheels and cable intact. The swing panel thus accommodates impact
forces that would otherwise dislodge the door from the track assembly. The breakaway panel can
then be popped back into position (no tools required).
Optional Security Locks Impact Resistant Resists Spearing By Forklifts