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High Speed RollUp Doors
DockSeal & Shelters
Impact Doors
Bug Doors
Clear Strip Doors
Rain Deflector
Breakaway Panels
Guide Light Systems
Dock Lights  

Super-Seal DOCK LIGHTS help increase safety by
providing floods of soft, bright lights to illuminate truck and train interiors. Dock lights help increase safety and help
eliminate product damage.

Dock Lights
Wheel Chocks
Dock Bumpers
Air Curtains

Super Seal's WHEEL CHOCKS are the most economical
way of preventing trailers from rolling away before it is
safe, thus increasing personnel safety and decreasing product damage.

SPEED BUMPS can aid in reducing speed in high traffic areas as well as create protective barriers for walls and through ways. Selectional pieces join easily to fit any area. A bright colour yelloe is used to warn drivers of their approach.


PARKING BLOCKS are made with solid special anti-chip/anti-crack material that outlasts concrete equivillant. Resistant to oil, gas, salt, sunlight and chemicals. Three different solid bright colours to choose from. Made from 100% recycled plastic to reduce waste.




Super Seal has a wide selection of DOCK BUMPERS.
Weather resistant, easily installed, and long lasting,
they protect dock equipment, building walls, and truck
cargo from potential damage. Laminated, Mounted and D-Bumpers are just some of the bumper types available
Dock Bumpers

NYTREX(TM) BUMPERS are now available!
Contact your local dealer or Super-Seal Mfg for full details on the Nytrex(TM)10 year and 5 year warrenties!



BARRIER & GUARDING SYSTEMS protect tracks, equipement, racking, product and personnel. All protective barrier solutions are powder coated safety yellow. Mounting types for floor and wall, anchors not included.

-TRACK GUARDS (for overhead doors) are designed specifically for sectional doors. Various heights include, 24", 36" or 48" high.

-RACK GUARDS are designed specially for rail type rack protection. Various heights include, 8" or 16" high.

-RAIL GUARDS which are specially designed for protection of machinery, forklifts and work stations.


-BOLLARDS, 4" or 6" in diameter with a choice of rounded or square tip edges. Square tip height is 4"x4"x4". Rounded tip edge is available in 24", 36", 48" or 60" high.


STABILIZING JACKS AND AUTO-STANDS are vital components for any Material Handling Zone (MLZ). Please contact a dealer or Super-Seal Mfg. Ltd. for full details on all Material Handling Zone products available.

RATCHET TOPS STABILIZING JACKS are made of heavy gauge steel with a static load capacity of up to 100,000 lbs. Unit has an 8" diameter support pad and 8" diameter wheels.


AUTO-STAND & AUTO-STAND PLUS are made of heavy gauge steel and a static load capacity of up to 100,000 lbs. Gas activated, self-leveling sytems makes unit easy to operate. Both units have a large base pad of 17"x 18.5".

The standard AUTO-STAND has 10" diameter semi-pneumatic rubber tires for easy handling.

The PLUS model has 16" diameter solid rubber tires and foot bar combination for easy handling on any surface.

More information on the following will be posted soon:

Corner Stuffers and Pads

Bottom Foam Weather Seals

Pit Blockers

Canopies (Galvanized)

Rain Deflectors

Screens - Welding, Security, Bug

Custom Curtain Partitions

Bulk Products - Bulk Vinyl, PVC & Chain