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BIM Updated

BIM Updated
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BIM Objects Directory

Whether you are an employee of a company, a dealer or an architect; Super-Seal Mfg. Ltd. has the experience needed to create your ideal door and/or dock solution. All our engineering drawings are made to custom. The following is a BIM Object Directory with standard drawings for your convenience. Please contact us directly Toll Free: 1-800-337-3239 or connect with one of our expert dealer for full details on custom engineered products through Super-Seal Mfg Ltd.

Impact Doors:

Series 1000


Series 1500


Series 2000


Series 4100


Series 4301


Series 4500


Series 4700


Cafe Doors

Series 1200 Double


Series 1200 Double work plane


Series 1200 Single


Series 1200 Single work plane


Dock Seals:

Series 0101 Stationary Dock Seal


Series 02


Series 0351 Adjustable Header Dock Seal


Inflatable Dock Seal:

Series F


Series F-4 Sided


Truck Shelter:

Series 0701


Inflatable Truck Shelter:

Series 0401A


Series V


Series V1024


Rail Shelters:

Series 0601 Retractable Rail Shelter


Inflatable Rail Shelters:

Series “R” Inflatable Rail Shelter


Series “R” 4 Sided Inflatable Rail Shelter


High Speed Doors:



8500 Platinum




8000 Bug Door


8000XXL Bug Screen


PVC Strip Curtains:

Series 9000E


Series 9010-1


Series 9010-2


Series 9010-3


Series 9010-4


Series 9010-5


Break Away Panel:

6500 Break-Away Bottom Door Panel