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Weather Seals

Weather Seals
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Using a bottom foam weather seals to seal the door seal from gaps around your door can be simple and a very inexpensive solution to high energy costs within a shipping/receiving area/entrance. Unwanted drafts coming from or leaving the building/warehouse steal valuable heat in the winter which cause energy expenses to rise unnecessarily. These gaps also provide access to unwanted noise and dust, allow unwanted seeping water to enter and/or moisture to form, causing major issues such as water damage, hazardous walking conditions and inconveniences.

The following weather seals are specifically designed to aid in storing energy/heat/cool air within the building where it belongs. Custom seals can be designed to suit any needs, for further information on this or these

Installation Instructions for Dock Leveler Draft Filler Pads.pdf

Draft Seal Bean Bag


DRAFT SEAL BEAN BAG is the most economical method in creating a quick seal on pockets or holes found around the loading dock area.



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Draft Seal Rubber


DRAFT SEAL RUBBER is an alternative, economical sealing method that also protects the draft seal itself with its rubber material.



Draft Seal Insulated


DRAFT SEAL INSULATED method protects the draft seal and offers insulated protection to the area it is protecting/closing off.



Draft Seal Flap Mono


DRAFT SEAL FLAP MONO is a more rigid covering solution which prevents unwanted air flow around the loading dock opening. This not only saves on energy costs but also creates a more solid platform for dock corners.

Various Draft pads



Bottom line on Weather Seals:

Weather seals on doors and docks help control your environment, conserve energy, and saves you money on your utility bills. Choose from our large variety of high quality, durable door seals. As with all our products, doors seals are made of top grade material that will provide superior performance through long time usage.