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Hybrid Shelters

Hybrid Shelters
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New innovations have been taking place within the area of Hybrid Shelters. These custom shelters provide a combination of features found in both standard compression dock seals and inflatable dock shelters to give unique energy saving capabilities.

  • Specific areas of consideration are: rear bumper projection, handles, gutter etc. (excellent sealing capabilities if the back of the trailer has obstructions)
  • The hybrid dock seal/dock shelters, yield upon impact and are less damage prone.

Super-Seal Mfg. Ltd. specializes in manufacturing custom design shelters and seals with high quality material. The following Hybrid Shelters are build to withstand the test of time:



Dock WedgeSeries DW allows complete and unobstructed access to the full width and height of the trailer interior and shipping door while providing outstanding weather protection. The trailers back through the vertical pads forming a wiper seal that hugs the trailer’s sides with header curtain that sits on top of the trailer unit, thus allowing full access to the height of the trailer. The resilient vertical foam pads, with removable inward vertical panels, create a tight seal that blocks out foul weather, insect, dust, dirt and may reduce pilferage while saving money on energy costs. Dock seals help productivity by increasing safety, protecting personnel, products and equipment.