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Truck Restraint

Truck Restraint
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Python - TruckRestraint


As one of Super Seal’s premium dock products, the Super Seal Truck Restraint is designed for safety and reducing the risk of dock accidents. With a high-visibility hook-style restraint arm, it is the ideal solution for keeping workers, equipment, and cargo safer during loading and unloading. Also a cost-effective alternative to hydraulic truck restraints, its rugged design makes it virtually maintenance-free with the ability to function in the toughest environments. The unique rotating hook engages over the impact guard using a restraining force of 32,000 lbs (14,514 kgs). You can rely on the dependability of this truck restraint and worry less about the direct and indirect costs of an industrial accident.

TruckRestraint up-close

The Super-Seal rotating hook vehicle restraint is designed to help prevent loading dock issues from:

– Premature truck departure caused by driver miscommunication

  • Forklift drivers right to enter the trailer
  • Trailer creep due to movement of a forklift
  • Trailer Tip Over due to load shift
  • Landing gear collapse due to the inertia of a forklift
  • A new camera system has been introduced, call for more details


  • Increased reliability due to the all electronic mechanics, allowing for full control over unit from freezing or abrupt function (no mechanical limit switches)
  • Low power consumption, saving on energy costs.
  • Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) has a soft start and soft stop – thus operates without the need for abrupt mechanical motions (quieter functionality and potential increased longevity of unit).
  • One board design with simplified wiring design.
  • ICC Bar (Motion sensor) can detect obstructions – not timer based.

Advanced LED Communication System & Display provides:

  • Red and Green LED light communication inside and outDSC09525-2_python_panel_sm
  • Outside Driver communication signalling and signage
  • Inside Forklift operator communication signalling and instruction
  • Easy twist switch operation with audible alarm override and flashing LED light
  • Programmable display (English/French/Spanish)
  • Status Indication, updates and system monitoring at a glance
  • Sensor alerts operator if rear impact guard is NOT detected
  • Simple controls eliminates confusion

For more information on our tailored built Truck Restraints or other perfect additions to a fully functional shipping and receiving area such as: dock lighting and custom signage, bumpers and dock levelers; please call 1-800-337-3239 or email [email protected].