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High Speed Roll-up Doors

High Speed Roll-up Doors
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Super-Seal High speed Roll-up Platinum

The 8500 PLATINUM high speed roll-up door is the most cost effective solution for INTERIOR applications with minimum wind loads. Opening sizes up to 16′ wide x 18′ high. The NEW Platinum high speed roll-up door boasts a state of the art “Superlogic III” microprocessor that is user programmable. Single speeds of 32” per second (optional) programmable dual opening speed up to 100” per second.




Super-Seal High speed Roll-up 8500S


The 8500S high speed roll-up door is perfect for INTERIOR or EXTERIOR applications. Opening sizes up to 26′ wide x 20′ high. Improved and built bigger the 8500S has stood the test of time. Now comes with “SUPERLOGIC III PLUS” microprocessor and WIRELESS bottom bar. Dual opening speed up to 84” per second.




Super-Seal High speed Roll-up LC


The 8500LC high speed roll-up door is the optimum solution for quick access through openings up to 16′ wide x 18′ high. The 8500LC door is designed for high volume, high speed traffic, interior applications in commercial, industrial or refrigerated applications. It operates at a single speed of 32″ per second, with the option of a programmable dual speed of 50″ per second.