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Industrial Impact Traffic Doors

Industrial Impact Traffic Doors
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Industrial impact traffic doors are suitable for heavy duty industrial applications where a barrier is required between two areas while allowing for the pass through of pedestrian, forklift traffic and finished goods.

4000-smSeries 4000 Industrial impact traffic door, this heavy duty rubber impact door is designed to with-stand abusive heavy duty traffic while protecting loads and equipment from damage. The tough 1/2” thick gravity suspended panels flex to absorb impact. A large centre overlap assures a minimum of air loss.



4300-smSeries 4300 Industrial impact traffic door, this rigid insulated impact door is perfect where privacy temperature control and appearance are major considerations. The rugged v-cam hardware is designed to be virtually maintenance free. To compensate for negative pressure there is an adjustable spring.



4500-smSeries 4500 Industrial impact traffic door, when privacy into restricted areas, temperature control are considerations, this heavy duty rigid insulated impact door is perfect. This floor mounted, gravity type v-cam hinges and a welded steel tubular inner frame work can with stand heavy duty forklifts.



4700-smSeries 4700 Industrial impact traffic doors, boasting impressive 1.75” thick panels that can with-stand forklift traffic, this Super “Tuff” insulated impact door is lightweight enough for pedestrian traffic. The cam type hardware is fully enclosed providing unmatched protection in wash down areas.