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Retail Impact Traffic Doors

Retail Impact Traffic Doors
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Retail impact traffic doors are ideal for retail, commercial and institutional applications where a barrier is required between a public and storage area allowing for pass through of pedestrian and cart traffic.

All-trar-smAll STAR 75 IMPACT DOOR, This versatile retail door works with pedestrian and cart traffic. You can choose from laminated, aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel, wood veneer or ABS outer finish. The ALL STAR’s cam type hardware is fully enclosed with spherical bearings.



1000-smSERIES 1000 , “privacy door” boasts the “Super Swing” spring-free gravity hinge that opens with the slightest touch and closes softly and quietly. Perfect for super markets, stores, restaurants and pharmacies.



Series1200_swingSERIES 1200 are `Counter Swing` or `Saloon/Cafe` Style Impact Doors; a perfect solution to control the physical atmosphere within a space. The Series 1200 encompasses all Swing Door styles which are all customizable to suit any interior counter or doorway. This series has a variety of model types which are differentiated by the height in which they are mounted; waist/knee mount or mid-doorway mount.



1500-smSERIES 1500, Impact traffic door is the perfect general purpose door. The cam type hinge hardware with hidden hinge design minimizes maintenance, while maximizing door life. Great for Supermarkets, retail and BIG BOX stores, restaurants, pharmacies, and processing plants.



2000-smSERIES 2000, Impact traffic door, These tuff, durable door panels are suspended from gravity hinges on the top only. This allows wide loads to pass through unobstructed. Ideal for pedestrian, push cart, light motorized, and forklift traffic. Permits speedy traffic flow while conserving energy.