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Rain Deflectors

Rain Deflectors
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Super Seals’ exclusive Rain Deflector is the perfect solution to keep your docks dry in inclement weather. The Rain Deflector provides a perfect seal from the dock to the trailer roof thus directing the rain off to the sides. The result is a safer working environment and reduced cargo damage or contamination. Workers will also be pleased with their improved conditions.


RD2 Rain Deflector can be used in conjunction with or without a dock seal. Designed and manufactured using high quality materials, the Rain Deflector is the most effective and most durable rain diverting system on the market today.

  • It has a standard unit projection of 34” and a standard header curtain drops either 26″ or 36”.
  • RD2-10 unit width 124″
  • Wood frame with Galvanized steel cover and side supports. Optional: Hot Dip Galvanized Frame
  • As a truck reverses towards the loading dock, the Rain Deflector swings up providing a seal to the top of the trailer.
  • Head curtain is made of flexible SS90-2 high performance vinyl with fiberglass stays and high density foam pad.

Key Features:

  • Eliminates wet, slippery conditions on docks & helps protect product from damage.
  • Flexible rotating pad compresses across top of trailer providing a tight seal, keeping the wet
    weather outside while maintaining indoor climate.
  • Cover material – Exclusive SS90-2 high performance vinyl. SS90-1 (Extreme) Full Width flaps.
  • Header canopy made with pressure treated wood frame with galvanized side support frames.
  • Easy to install with no maintenance required.
  • Custom Sizes Available