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New Hybrid Shelter – DW Combo 4 – Adjustable Header Curtain

Combo 4 Dock wedge truck shelter superseal

Series Dock Wedge (DW) Combo 4 Product Details:

-Series DW Combo 4 dimensions for door openings 10’ -0”W x 10’-6“ H are 140” wide x 142” high (O.D.) with a 24” projection, and a 48”drop header curtain.

-Seals trailer 12’0” to 13’6” high from grade with a dock height of 48”.

-Designed for standard 4′-6” bumper projection.

-Has (2) two 132″ high, 8′ face vertical pads.

-(1) one head frame with curtains.

-Vertical inward panels are removable 132″ w x 20″

  • -Exclusive Phantom Draft Pads, pyramid type.



Options of the DW Combo 4:

  • -Double layer of fabric on impact area
  • -Longer drop curtain
  • -Tapered Units
  • -Extended projection
  • -Higher or Wider units
  • -Two Types of Super Snug
  • -Common member unit
  • -Monofilament Fabric
  • -Galvanized Steel Frame
  • -Extra Projection



  • DW (Standard Head Curtain)
  • DW Combo 2 (Rain Deflector Head Curtain)
  • DW Combo 3 (Inflatable Head Curtain)
  • DW Combo 4 (Adjustable Head Curtain) – AS SEEN IN IMAGE ABOVE


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