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Warehouse/Industrial Doors

Warehouse/Industrial Doors
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Our industrial impact doors can withstand heavy duty traffic, absorbing impact, and protecting loads and equipment from damage. In addition to sustaining forklift and pedestrian flow, they increase productivity and personnel safety. Aside from their durability in absorbing impact, Super Seal’s line of industrial impact doors is virtually maintenance free, saving money and energy costs. Available in a large selection of colours and finishes, we use only the finest materials.

Quick glance potential benefits found with the use of Super-Seal Warehouse/Industrial Doors:

  • making work space more productive
  • higher return of investment because areas are stream lined and control
  • products and/or work spaces are managed more effectively, either through climate controlled or organizing and internalizing departments within a warehouse.
  • additional product protection and security against theft (either external or internal)
  • keeping unwanted guests out of workplace (i.e. rodents, insects or unauthorized personnel)
  • increased level of safety through its functionality (aids in protecting personnel passage ways, throughways or actual overhead doors)

Warehouse/Industrial Doors itemized by application: Model Name

1-(High Impact)Traffic Doors – Series 4000, Series 4300, Series 4500, Series 4700
2-High Speed Vertical Doors – 8500 Platinum, 8500S, 8500LC, 8500L
3-Bug Doors – 8000 Bug Door, 8000XXL Bug Door
4-Break Away Panels – 6500 Breakaway Panel

Purpose of installing Warehouse/Industrial Doors:

  • Heavy duty traffic
  • Maintenance free
  • Absorb impact
  • Protect loads and equipment from damage
  • Forklift and pedestrian traffic