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CAD Directory

CAD Directory
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Whether you are an employee of a company, a dealer or an architect; Super-Seal Mfg. Ltd. has the experience needed to create your ideal door and/or dock solution. All our engineering drawings are made to custom. The following are standard drawings for your convenience. Please contact us directly Toll Free: 1-800-337-3239 or connect with one of our expert dealer for full details on custom engineered products through Super-Seal Mfg Ltd.

Dock Seals:

Series 101 – Stationary/Fixed Head Pad Dock Seal


Series 201 – Adjustable Dock Seal


Series 251 – Foam Pad Curtain Seal


Series 351 – Adjustable Header Dock Seal


Truck Shelters:

Series 401A – Inflatable Truck Shelter


Series 401 – Stationary Truck Shelter


Series 501 – Retractable Truck Shelter


Series 601 – Retractable Rail Shelter


Series 701 – Foam Pad Truck Shelter


Impact Doors:

Series 1000 – Model: SS1SS1G, Non-Gasketed Wood Core


Series 1000 – Model: SS4, Nongasketed Wood Core


Series 1000 – Model: SS6, Delta Edge Alum Door


Series 1000 – Model: SS7, Gas Insulated Wood Core


Series 1201 – Cafe/Saloon Door


Series 1501 – HDP Impact Door


Series 1502 – Wood Core Impact


Series 1504 – ABS Impact Door


Series 1505 – ABS Fully Gasketed